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Thousands of businesses are trending towards procuring their natural gas and electricity needs through the Energy Exchange’s live Reverse Auction Platform.  Energy companies compete to give you the lowest energy rate, and PV ENERGY is your personal consultant through every step, including your live Energy Reverse Auction.  Let PV ENERGY be your personal energy Procurement consultant.

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The Reverse Auction: Technology That Works

Reverse Auctions are now the premiere method of energy procurement for businesses and government entities alike, and our Reverse Auctions are the most technologically advanced and customer-centric in the world.  Reverse auctions have turned the once-secretive, sealed-bid process for procuring energy into an open bidding war, where you and your business are the winner!

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PV Energy number one goal is to use our expertise to save you money.  We work with you to provide solutions based on current market conditions.   Our team constantly tracks market movement, Natural Gas Futures, and suppliers’ pricing trends.

Following the reports of Henry Hub – a distribution hub for natural gas selected by the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) as the official delivery mechanism for the world’s natural gas futures, our analysts create hedging strategies and product suggestions individually tailored to how each unique customer operates. You will then be guided through the easy and seamless energy procurement process, ultimately culminating in a Reverse Auction.

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